Coral and Club Fungi

Group: Clavulina 
This group is usually branched and coral like. They grow from ground or wood.
Clavicorona pyxidata
Peppery coral fungus

End of July, 2000 in  The Gorge Track, Palmerston North.
Has a unique branching form, seems to branch in twos at a time. Branches from a common base which is short. White in colour and looked like it was growing from ground but it was probably from a buried branch or log!!
This mushroom is said to have a hot peppery taste which accounts for the common name!!

Ramariopsis pulchella

This is a striking purple coral mushroom.


Grows on the ground and can be hard to spot.

Unknown Corals:
The mushrooms below I have not yet identified, I am finding the coral fungi a little confusing at this stage but I am working on it and will put names to them soon!!
Unknown 1

Found at the end of July, 2000 in The Gorge Track, Palmerston North.

About 2-3cm high and 2cm wide. Reddish orange colour with the tips of the branches a darker orange.

Branches come from a short common stem.

Unknown 2

End of July,2000 in The Gorge Track, Palmerston North.

This one was growing by itself, one single branched stem.

The interesting thing about it is the texture of it's surface which is rather rough.

About 5cm high and 2-3cm wide.


Unknown 3

End of July, 2000 in The Gorge Track, palmerston North.


5-7cm high and 3-5cm wide.