Well, this is me!!


My name is Aiman Samy, and I live in Hawkes Bay In New Zealand. 


My interest in mushrooms started years ago at university when I attended a two week course in growing Oyster Mushrooms. I found them very fascinating.

After moving to New Zealand I decided to go out to the bush and see what mushrooms are out there, so I did, and it hasn't stopped.

I bought a lot of books acquiring an extensive mushroom library then decided to create this website to show people how amazing these life forms are and share my passion with who ever may be interested.

I am originally from Egypt. I studied Horticulture in Cairo after which I moved to New Zealand in 1995 and have been here ever since.


The first three years I worked at fruit tree nursery here in Hawkes Bay, after which I joined the Pip Fruit Breeding Group at Hort+Research.


A few years ago, I left Hort+research and started my own business growing specialty mushrooms. The company name is Mytopia Mushrooms.





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 20 Jan 2007


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