Must-have Mushroom Books


Mushrooms Demystified : This book is a must for anyone serious about finding and identifying wild mushrooms. I have to admit, I had my doubts about it before I got it because I had read a review that stated it lacked colour photos which to me seemed very important at the time. However, there is a fair amount of colour plates and lots of black and white pictures which are actually quite clear. Now I honestly believe I could not get on without this book. The keys are wonderful and even if the specific mushroom you are looking for is not present, with this book at least you will be able to place it in the right family.


All That the Rain Promises, and More:  

A field guide that goes hand in hand with the above title. Written by the same author, David Aurora, handy size to take out in the bush and a splendid pictorial key that allows you to place a mushroom in it's right family if it is not pictured in which case you look into it further using Mushrooms Demystified when you get home.
All colour photos, fantastic photos with lots and lots of information





Dung Fungi : Illustrated Guide to..

A specialized book dealing mainly with fungi that grow on dung, yes animal waste!!! Not many photos, few illustrations but what they lack is compensated by the keys and descriptions. A must have for the mushroom enthusiast.








Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great...

This has to be my favorite book!! You will be overwhelmed with the number of photos. Each mushroom is pictured from all angles with a scale indicating it's size in reality. Each mushroom is described in detail. I have identified a lot of mushrooms using this book.









An illustrated guide to fungi on wood in...

This is a book on New Zealand fungi that grow on wood. Specialized as it may seem you will be surprised how many mushrooms on wood you will not find in other books. Not many photos but I use Mushrooms Demystified to find the family then use this book to search for the mushroom itself by family, excellent descriptions and illustrations







Mushroom Cultivator : A Practical Guide:

Moving away a little from wild mushroom hunting. If you want to know about how to grow some of the gourmet mushrooms, these two books are the key.  It's because of these two books that I got hooked and passionate about mushrooms. Paul Stamets, the author, is an expert on mushrooms and has a mushroom farm in the United States, one of the biggest I think, specializing in gourmet mushrooms. The company has a web site Fungi Perfecti and I would urge you to check it out.


Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms:

These two books complete each other, but if I could only buy one of them I would go for Growing Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms. They contain all the information you need to grow mushrooms in the most amazing easy to understand style. 

If you want to grow mushrooms, get them.






Shiitake Growers Handbook : The Art and...

Shiitake is my all time favorite edible mushroom. Unique in flavour and texture, I love it. This book is all about growing it and has all you need to know. No shiitake grower can go without it.








Shiitake : The Healing Mushroom
Once again, shiitake mushrooms. This time it's health benefits are described and explained. This mushroom is renowned not only for it's taste but also for it's very, very wide range of health benefits. You have to read about it to find out. 

Claimed to aid in fighting cancer and a virus or two...... some of it is hard to believe, but hey when it tastes like it does, what have you got to lose.



Other Books:

























































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