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Coprinus Comatus


A very delicate mushrooms, only lasts one day and we usually only have a few hours in which to pick and eat it.

The photos on the right show the shaggy mushrooms at different stages of growth, the youngest being at the top to the oldest down below.

The best stage to pick it for food is no later than in the second photo below.

Consumption is not recommended once the cap and gills start to melt, (characteristic of mushrooms belonging to Family Coprinaceae), This is seen when the lower edge of the cap starts to turn black, usually by this stage the gills are changing colour too.

There is by no means any danger in eating this mushroom at any stage except that the mature specimens when cooked turn into a black slimy mess and loose the nice taste.
The third photo shows a specimen half melted.

WARNING: This mushroom may react with alcohol causing slight illness, however I have not had this problem

It is probably one of, if not the safest mushroom to eat as no other mushroom looks quite like it, easily recognizable by the shagginess and shape.


Eating Coprinus Comatus:

Do not wash this fragile mushroom. Use a knife and gently scrape the outer surface of the cap, you will find the scales come off very easily leaving a smooth cap.

Slice the mushroom length ways and either fry them for a few moment in butter or make up a crumb mixture composing of eggs, salt, pepper, crushed garlic and I like to add a bit of thyme for flavor.

Beat the mixture well, then dip the sliced mushrooms in and then coat with flower or bread crumbs and sauté them for a few moments and serve hot!!! What a breakfast!! YUM.

Most books tell you to discard the stems, however I like them and never throw them away.

This mushroom does not keep well. But for best results, immerse them in water and refrigerate. They should keep for a few days that way.


Above are two specimens just before the stems collapse. Notice how the mushroom on the right has almost no cap left and the top of the stem has started to breakdown too!!




Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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