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The following are some of my Favorite links most of which are mushroom sites and others more general;



The Hidden Forest: This is one of the best Mushroom sites I have come across so far. The Creator of this fabulous site, Clive, lives in New Zealand and thus it is a New Zealand Fungal site but while New Zealand has it's share of native species, there are a lot common with where ever you may be. Need a book?? No need to go any further than!! Great service and low prices, who could ask for more?? They will even find books for you that are out of print!!! Just try them out, you will be surprised at what you'll find!!


Fungi Perfecti: A really good site, these guys have all you need to start you off in anything to do with mushrooms, if it's a hobby, wild mushrooms or commercial varieties, they have it all from books to equipment.... also check out their links!! Like to travel and see the world?? Well you don't even have to leave your desk!!! If anyone travels, this guy does, he loves photography and carries his camera everywhere and believe me he gets around!!! Check out his pictures and info, he even has a web cam so you can see Vancouver all the time!!


The Cook's Thesaurus: This is a great page describing some of the best edible wild mushroom species. Lots of recipes and substitutes for ingredients you don't have, your key to a great meal!! Not just mushrooms nut general cooking!!

























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