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As the name of this family suggests, they look like bird nests, complete with the eggs which in this case are called 'peridioles', these are usually flat like capsicum seeds and carry the spores within them. They can be found growing on the ground, dung or wood. Usually minute in size.


Crucibulum Laeve

Found on the Manawatu Gorge Track growing on a twig!! End of July, 2000.
Less than 1cm in diameter and height. Even smaller when young.

The exterior wall of the cup shape is brown in colour with a somewhat rough texture.
A lid is present when young, orange yellow in colour and rather hairy, this disappears at maturity leaving the eggs 'Peridioles' exposed to the elements.

They rely on rain for the dispersal of spores, rain drops fall into the cup causing the eggs to fly out.

Peridioles are tan to white coloured. 1-2mm in diameter.



















Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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