The New Zealand Bush


I thought it might be a good idea to include some information on the places I go to find mushrooms including some photos of their highlights and directions on how to get there.

A good chance to show of New Zealand to the world and at the same time for those not very interested in mushrooms but just enjoy tramping, well, now you can get some info on where to go and what you can expect to find.

Below is a list of different areas I have been and I will be adding to it every time I go somewhere new, so click on the name to see the page.

Alternatively, on the mushroom pages, I will be linking the name of the places where the mushrooms were found to their corresponding pages, so you can click on that while browsing the mushroom photos to get info on where they were found.
















Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.




 Best Gourmet Mushrooms in New Zealand


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 18 Feb 2007


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