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Group: Aleuria

The fruit bodies of this group are usually cup or disc shaped growing on wood or from


Pithya vulgaris

Found at Te Mata Trust Park on October 10, 2000 growing on dead wood.
Disc shaped but not quite circular, about 0.5 cm in diameter growing flat on the surface of it's host.Pale
yellow or with an orange tinge, almost shiny in


Edibility: Far too small to even think about, therefore: NO!!









Scutellinia umbrarum (Eyelash cup fungus)

Found at Tangoia scenic reserve in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand on September 16, 2000 growing on a dead log.

Also found at Boundary Stream on November 12, 2000.
Up to 1.5cm in diameter. Disc shaped with no stem, just grows flat on wood surface.
Bright orange in colour and quite hairy around the
margin resembling eyelashes from which came the common name. Hairs are brown and short.

Holds firmly onto the surface of the host making it difficult to peel away.

Edibility: Not edible, too small anyhow.


Note: There are two very similar species to this mushroom and can only be differentiated microscopically by spore size!!















Trichophaea Abundans

Found at Te Mata Trust Park in Havelock North on September 3rd, 2000.
0.6cm in diameter.
This is a rather shallow cup so in fact it is more like a saucer than a cup. Very tiny. 
Quite an attractive mushroom at close range. The inside is a smooth white colour and the outer surface is covered in reddish brown hairs giving it an interesting appearance.
Habitat on burnt wood. 

There was quite a number of them on the same burn









Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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