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Xylaria Daldinia


This is a group of very tough textured mushrooms. Some look like stones as in Daldinia and others are coral like in appearance and can be confused for twigs as in Xylaria.



Daldinia Concentrica (Charcoal fungus)

Also called `King Alfred's` cake. Found throughout July, 2000 at Te Mata Trust Park in Havelock North, Manawatu Gorge in Palmerston North and Boundary Stream, growing on dead wood.
Very tough stone or charcoal like structure. About 2-8cm in diameter and about 4-5cm high. No stem, attached to woody material. Has an attractive shiny surface when fresh

Edibility: Not edible













Xylaria Hypoxylon (Candle snuff fungus)

Found in both Pamerston North and Havelock North through out July, 2000.
Grows on dead wood and has quite a tough texture. Stalk present and branched at the top.

All parts of this mushroom are black in colour except for the very tips, these are white.
Fruit body 1.5-5cm tall.

Edibility: Not edible








Xylaria Polymorpha (Dead man's fingers)

Yeomans Track 26/10/03.
This is an interesting mushroom growing on dead wood.
Dry tough body with a black short stem. Upper half (or two thirds), brown, dry and seems to be finely cracked.
The flesh is white on the inside. And just below the outer brown layer, you can see the spore sacs that produce the spores for this mushroom.

Edibility: Not Edible.
















Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.




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